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Himawan Putra Corporation has been at the forefront of automotive equipment supplier in Indonesia since 1983.We excel in product varieties, experiences, business consultation, and after sales service. Taking “Solution With Passion” as our corporate statement, we are constantly involved in the development of daring and positive business activities. Geared to the growing proportion of demand in automotive services, we offer customers the suitable best equipment for all sizes of company and service concepts. Our products include wide range of tyre service equipment, diagnostics, vehicle test lane, lifting equipment, and many others. We continue to grow as a top-class specialized-technology trading company that provide top-class products incorporating the most innovative technology, expertise and information, with excellent after sales services and nation wide support systems. With a combination of expert products specialists, experienced mechanical and electronic engineers, and a solid management team always striving for operational excellence.

Our Vision

To be the leading professional total customer solution provider in Indonesia for the Automotive Equipment Industry.

Our Mission

To maintain our leading edge in the automotive equipment industry. We will strive to meet the individual needs of our customers by consistently providing quality products and comprehensive service excellence.

Board Of Director

PT Himawan Putra Board of Director


In his youth, Mr. Prayitno Himawan did not know that he would go on to establish the biggest automotive workshop equipment distributor in Indonesia. At the young age of 9, his wise father situated Mr. Prayitno in Singapore to learn Mandarin. After graduating high school at the age of 16, he continued his education in the United States of America, where he studied International Marketing in Cal Poly Pomona, graduating in only 3.5 years. After graduating, he came back to Indonesia to establish his own business, which would one day grow into Himawan Putra Corporation. In his spare time, Mr. Prayitno Himawan enjoys broading his horizons through activities such as photography, yoga, gardening, golf, and cooking.


Born and raised in Jakarta, Mrs. Ariani Rubyati is a true Jakartan. Following in the footsteps of her father, a Professor at the University of Indonesia, she attended the prestigious Santa Ursula High School and went on to study Psychology at the University of Indonesia. She left her studies to help Mr. Prayitno with his business. Over the years, what was once a part-time job is now her full-time passion.

PT Himawan Putra Board of Director

PT Himawan Putra Board of Director

Vice President

Since birth, Mr. Kevinski Himawan has always loved to learn how things work. After completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, he's back in Jakarta to provide a fresh perspective to the business.

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